Sunday, December 19, 2010

Strawberry Mousse Pudding

''This is lovely light dessert''

Serve 4-6

Strawberry flavored Jelly Packet
Sponge Cake to line the base of the Pudding dish (optional)
Whipping cream or Cream Topping about yielding about 1 L
(I used a Cream Topping : a brand called Supersun)
Strawberries 200g
Some dark/ milk chocolate grated
Some sugar 

-Get a large bowl and line the base with sponge cake broken down to pieces.
-Make strawberry jelly according to packet instructions and keep in the fridge to set in a different bowl.
-Once its set lightly cut the jelly in to cubes and line on top of the sponge cake layer.
-Making the mousse:
In a blender, puree 1/2 of the strawberries with sugar to taste.( 1tbsp sugar)
Whip the whipping cream until forming peaks and mix with the pureed strawberries and whip with an electric beater again to make the mousse. (Adjust sugar taste by adding icing sugar when whipping)
Alternatively if using Cream Topping mixture: mix strawberry puree with ice cold milk making 2 cups of strawberry milk.Chill until very cold then whip the cream topping mixture with the ice cold strawberry milk until it forms peaks with the help of a electric beater to make mousse.
-Then pour the mousse on top of the jelly layer.
-Cut 1/4 of strawberries in to quarters and line them on the mousse.
-mash the remaining strawberries (1/4) with sugar and heat in under low flame to make a strawberry sauce.
Let it cool and pour on top of the mousse.
-Top the pudding with grated chocolate flakes
- Chill overnight and Serve!!!

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