I am Nihari Karunanayake, a Sri Lankan girl living in my home town Kurunegala.

I created this site to publish cooking recipes I tried my self. My mission is to encourage others to try out home cooking and for them to get easy and healthy meal ideas. I wasn't much of a cook until recently but once i started I find its a place to make many creations and also to have fun!!! 

Been aboard in India and UK for few years has made me a fan of Indian Cuisine as well as Western. But above all my favorite is Sri Lankan ofcourse!!! :) and I hope to publish more recipes of Sri Lankan dishes in future. All the recipes published in this site are tried by me, unless otherwise mentioned. Some of the recipes are my own creations and some are from cook books and sites.

Thanks for viewing my site. Please leave your ideas and comments at my site or email me to : niharikaru@gmail.com

Have a nice day !!!