Thursday, August 19, 2010

Iced Cofee

'' One of my favorite refreshing drinks for a hot sweaty day''

Serve 1


Nescafe (instant coffee) 1tsp
Little hot water 50 ml or less
Full Cream milk powder 3tsp full
Cold water about 3/4 of a tall glass
Brown Sugar 3 full tsp 9 (to taste)
Ice cubes 4-5
Vanilla essence 2-3 drops

Dissolve instant coffee in hot water then dissolve sugar. add in milk powder and dissolve to a smooth cream and slowly add cold water and mix well.
Transfer to a blender add vanilla drops and ice cube and blend till frothy.
Serve in a tall glass chilled.


  1. Still I can rem the taste of bancha's Iced coffee which she made when ever I visit her (after a several requests u can add a bit more sugar too) :):)

  2. heee thanks dear..yeah you don't like any bitter tastes ne :)