Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fruit Jelly Custard

''This Fruit Jelly Custard is made with fresh grapes, apples and plums topped with cashew nuts. Simple dessert but very tasty''


1 jelly packet (Strawberry)
Custard made according to packet instructions 1 cup
some grapes cut in half and seeded
plums or apples cut in the cubes
some roasted cashew nuts chopped

Make jelly as in the packet.
In a serving dish apply a layer of jelly (around three quarters of the liquid) and let it set in fridge. Keep the rest to cool aside.
Once its done put a layer of fruits cuts there and add pour jelly liquid with a spoon on top to adhere them and keep in fridge til its set.

Apply jelly liquid again on top and keep in fridge to set.
Make a another layer of fruits and jelly layer on top.
When the jelly is completely done, make Custard and apply it on top of the jelly once its cooled.
Top it with roasted cashew nuts.
Keep it in the fridge till chilled and Serve.

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