Friday, August 19, 2011


Trifle is one of my favorite Desserts. Its easy is to make and would make perfect dinner party desert. There is no strict method to follow and the amounts of ingredients will differ according to the size of the bowl you are using.

Ingredients: 7'' diameter bowl
Sponge cake to line the base of the bowl
Strawberry jelly 1-2 packets
1 apple peeled cored and sliced to small pieces
Custard about 1 and 1/2 cups made according to the packet instructions
Whipped cream  or Cream Topping 
Shaves of Semi Sweet Chocolate

Line the base of the cake with Sponge cake.
Dissolve the Jelly packets in boiling water and pour over the sponge cake.
Lay the cut apples in a layer on top of it and refrigerate till set.
Make custards according to the packets instructions and allow to cool. Pour over the apple layer. and allow to set.
Whip the whipping cream to form stiff peaks with little icing sugar or Whip the cream topping to form stiff peaks according it the packets instructions.
Spread over the custard layer and top with Chocolate shavings. Chill covered in plastic wrap and serve Chilled.

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