Monday, April 25, 2011

Date and Nut Tofee

Milkmaid tin (small) 397g 
Water 1 tin
Sugar 700g
Dates 400g (seedless and chopped)
Cashew nuts 200g (chopped)
Butter 100g
Vanilla 1tsp

Place sugar and water in a heavy bottom pan. Bring to boil and skim.
Add milkmaid and butter. Cook on medium heat stirring constantly until mixture turns in to a soft ball.
Remove from heat and add the dates and nuts gradually and mixing well. 
Pour the mixture on to a buttered board or a greased flat baking tray and level with a buttered spatula or with help of banana leaf. 
Leave to set and cut into desired pieces while still warm. Allow the piece to cool completely before removing from the board or tray.

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