Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mi3's Egg Roti

This is something I had at one of my best friends place. She made yummy Egg rotis and I was inspired to try some my self.

To make 4:

Eggs 2
Flour 3/4 cup
1 medium carrot grated
1 cup thick coconut milk
1 small onion sliced thinly
2 green chillies chopped finely
1 tsp Chinese chille paste
2-3 curry leaves chopped finely
salt and pepper to taste (about 1/4tsp each)
oil for greasing pan

Beat eggs lightly and mix with coconut milk and flour.
Add onions, curry leaves, carrots, green chillie, chillie paste, salt and pepper.
Mix well until all lumps are removed. The batter will be quite thick.
Keep the batter for 15 minutes.
Lightly grease a nonstick pan and heat it.
When the pan is hot add one ladle (big spoon) of batter on to the pan and smooth it gently with the back of spoon to spread out the  mixture. 
Reduce heat to medium low and cover and cook for a minute or two.
When the bottom side is cooked. flip the roti to the other side with help of spatula.
Gently press the roti to the pan with the spatula. Cover and cook again for a minute or two till cooked.
This batter is sufficient for about 4 Rotis.
Serve hot with chicken gravy.


  1. hi, instead of cocount milk, i can use fresh milk. please let me know.