Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick Vegetables Fried Rice

Serve 3-4


4 cups cooked/ boiled rice
vegetables of choice finely chopped or shredded
( I used 2 carrots shredded, handful mushrooms cut finely, 1 tomato cute in to cubes, 5 beans cut finely, 1 dambala cute finely)
1 onions finely sliced
1 green chille chopped
1/2 chicken cube
1 egg
salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp sunflower oil
dash of soya sauce

Cook rice and keep it aside.
Heat oil in a wok or large frying pan when heated well add onions and green chilli and fry till light brown. drain and keep it aside.
To the same oil add rest of the vegetables and cook till 3-4 minute till tender but not browned. Add chicken cube. When its done add an egg and fry stirring continues till it flakes. Add salt and pepper.
Add the boiled rice and mix well. Add dash of soya sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Mix the fried onions and green chillie.
The Vegetable friend rice is ready.

Note: You can used green peas, white part of leeks or any other vegetable u find in the your fridge. Can add cooked flaked chicken or boiled prawns too.

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