Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mung Ata Kiribath (Green Gram Milk Rice)

White raw rice 500g
1/2 cup green gram( soaked overnight and drained of water)
salt to taste
coconut milk from a half a coconut

Soak the green gram overnight and drain of water.
Wash rice and green grams and add them to a rice cooker.
Add water needed for the rice to cook and salt to taste.
When the rice is about to be done cooking, add coconut milk and stir well. (Make sure the rice is boiled well)
Add more salt if required.
Cook till all the milk is absorbed to the rice and resembles a thick mass.
Spread the prepared green gram milk rice on a large flat plate lined with banana leaf or grease proof paper and smooth the top with a piece of banana leaf or grease proof paper. Make sure to press while smoothing so that the cooked mass will stick together.
Cut in to square or diamond shape pieces.
Serve with lunu miris or curry of choice like fish or meat. Some like it served with jagerry or sugar.

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