Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sago Custard Pudding

''This was an experiment. I had this dessert on flight to India recently along with Gulab Jamun. The sago custard pudding was light but delicious.''

Make 2-3 servings
4tbsp sago
3cups hot milk
2 full tsps of vanilla custard powder
2-3tbsp sugar or to taste
pinch of salt

Dissolve the custard powder in little hot milk and mix along with sago and rest of milk. Add sugar to and stir to dissolve. add pinch of salt.
Pour the prepared mixture in to the non stick deep bottom pan and heat under low heat stirring constantly making sure the bottom doesn't get burnt or sago wont stick to the bottom of pan.
Cook until the sago is cooked and turns transparent color and the mixture gets thick. If u like a thinner pudding add extra milk or hot water.
Take off fire and pour the mixture in to individual serving glasses. Top with chopped cashew nuts or raisins or serve as it is warm or cold.

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