Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Biscuit Pudding in Chocolate Sauce and Pineapple

''Taste just like heaven!!! :D ''

Serve 8

Make 7in by 7in Dish

Marie Biscuits 300g
Condensed milk small tin
Water 1/2 tin
Warm milk to soak biscuits
Instant coffee powder 1tsp
Dark chocolate 200gs
Pineapple 5 slices and 1tbsp sugar
Chopped cashew nuts 1/2 cup

Add condensed milk and water in a pan and heat while stirring. Melt chocolates and add to the milk. 
(Chop the chocolates and melt in a pan over hot water or by putting in a bowl and pouring the hot milk little by little and stirring until melted completely )
Stir until the Chocolate sauce is thickens.
Receive 1/2 cup of chocolate sauce in a bowl and stir in the instant coffee until dissolved.

Remove the middle hard part from pineapples. Cut the pineapple in to small cubes. Lay the pieces on a flat frying pan. Sprinkle sugar on top. Cover and cook until the pineapples are soft. Open lid and simmer till liquids disappear.

Soak Marie biscuits in warm milk until little soft but still firm to touch. (not soggy) and lay a single layer on the pudding tin. 
Pour the prepared chocolate sauce little by little until coated on top. Add a layer of soaked Marie biscuits again. Place a layer of pineapples and pour over another layer of chocolate sauce.
Alternatively add Marie biscuits and chocolate sauce in layers, ending with coffee mixed chocolate sauce on top. (atleast 4 layers of Marie biscuits would be preferable)
Garnish the top chocolate layer with cashew nuts and refrigerate over night.
Serve chilled.


  1. Hi Nehari, I have checked your blog on and off and the recipes are good... Today I used your tinned mackerel curry recipe and loved it... If I were to improve on it, I just added a dash of lime juice as soon as it's done and taken off the stove... I have been cooking since I was 12 years, but only started SL cooking after marriage now 3 years... My specialties are cakes, puddings, sweetmeats, pasta, pizza, and mostly western cuisine dishes... My food patron is Anetta Dickman and refer to many of her recipes for my culinary success, and thus far she has never failed me... I make the chocolate biscuit pudding differently than this, and I must try your version for my upcoming birthday festivities (By the way where do the stewed pineapples go?)... My recipe includes, margarine, sugar, cocoa, vanilla, and 2 egg yolks all beaten together to make the chocolate mixture, and same as you I dip the marie biscuits in hot milk (it absorbs milk quicker) I sprinkle grated cooking chocolate over the chocolate mixture, and garnish with nougat... It is scrumptious too... If you are interested in acquiring this recipe please let me know... Thanks a lot... take care...

  2. can i know how many grams the milkmaid tin is?