Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick Falooda

Serve 1

1glass of full cream milk (cold)
kasa kasa seeds 1tbsp
sugar 3tsp
rose essence 3-4 drops
rose/ pink food coloring 3drops

Soak kasa kasa seeds in water for 15minutes minimum. If you are using milk powder dissolve 3 full tsp of full cream milk powder in one glass of cold water.
Dissolve sugar in the milk. Add rose essence and rose colouring.
Drain the water from kasa kasa seeds and put them in to a serving glass. Sieve in the milk on top of the seeds. Stir.

Tip: If you want the falooda to be more fancy looking add strawberry flavored jelly cubed and some strings of boiled vermicelli  and top it with vanilla ice cream. Place a long dessertspoon on the serving glass along with a straw.