Thursday, September 30, 2010

Noodles in cheese sauce

This preparations taste a lot like Carbonara with a spicy tinge.

Maggie Noodles (Curry flavour) 1 packet
Fish Steak (Tuna) 2''cube, salt and pepper to taste and lime juice.
Onion1,Some crushed soya chunk, pinch of sugar, Chillie flakes 1/8 tsp,pinch of salt
Cheddar cheese 1cm thick block
skimmed milk 1/2 cup
little oil.

Deep fry onions and soya chunks till golden brown and mix with sugar, salt and chilie flakes and keep aside. Or can use Maldive fish sambol or vegetarian seeni sambol 1tbsp.
Cut the fish steak in to small cubes and marinate the fish with little salt, pepper and lime juice. stir fry the fish until cooked with little oil.Keep aside.
Heat skimmed milk in non stick pan and add the chedder cheese grated. Stir until cheese dissolves and makes a thick sauce. Keep it aside.
Make the noodles by adding 1cup of hot water in to a pan with the noodles and its flavoring.  When almost all the liquid has absorbed, add in the prepared fish, onion fry or maldive fish sambol and mix well.
Add in the cheese sauce prepared and mix lightly.
Spoon in to the serving dish and serve hot.

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